Discover Western Esoterica and Spirituality walking around 2000 year old Barcelona. Unveil the remains of Templars, Masonic symbols, Alchemy and birth of the Kabbalah. A pleasant stroll in the Gothic area. You’ll be amazed by «another» Barcelona they don’t usually talk about in our society.

Romans, Visigoths, Jews, counts, sailors, merchants, people from all over the Mediterranean walked these streets. Medieval churches, incredible modern architecture… but there’s a legendary and mystical Barcelona, a story of Templars, Freemasons and Kabbalists that resist being forgotten and claim their footprint in our history to understand this city and its spirit.

Take a walk with a western esoteric specialist around the Gothic Quarter and discover old Roman Barcino, the flourishing and powerful medieval Barcelona with the old Jewish “call” (Catalan term for a Jewish quarter) and the great emergence of Kabbalah in Catalonia. We’ll unveil the remains of the Templars, see the Templar and Masonic symbols in the Gothic Cathedral, visit an esoteric basilica with a touch of alchemy, and we’ll find the splendorous 19th century of Freemasonry in all the arts and society. During our stroll we’ll also relate all this with the spirituality of the Western Esoteric Tradition.

Did you know modern Barcelona was designed by a Freemason?
.. and Gaudi, was he a Freemason?

Esoteric Barcelona, all the way back from a temple dedicated to Jupiter to today’s lodges and Mystery Schools… This city has LIGHT.

Tour details:

Price 150€
1 – 4 People (For larger groups consult price)

The price includes
3 hour tour with a specialized guide

We will start at Las Ramblas and soon enter and walk down through the old part of the city to the Gothic Quarter and stroll around the streets of a large pedestrian area stopping at different sites and finish at Plaça del Rei.

Meeting Point
In front of Zurich Cafe at Plaça Catalunya – See Google map here

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